You will Xinca

We know that having a mobile, empowered, productive workforce is critical to today’s businesses. Apple has brought the age of mobility and productivity to new heights. As a business, managing these devices securely—be it an employees owned device or one that is provided by your company—is critical. Xinca provides a robust and powerful set of cloud-based tools. Most importantly, Xinca allows you to get to the more important task of running your business.

Zero Infrastructure

Xinca MDM is cloud based and therefore there’s no need for expensive servers and maintenance, you only need a web browser / internet connection.

Inventory and reporting

Keep tabs on the devices in your organization and ensure timely / uniform updates to all devices. Audit devices for security settings to ensure device compliance.

Easy to use

Manage your devices via a simple yet powerful interface. This allows you to get to the business of running your business, not managing your devices.

Manage your Devices

Xinca has a powerful management system for the IT department. With the management system they can set policies and keep track of activities and incidents. It is important that IT has all the right tools for managing their corporate devices.

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