Data Security

Secure mobile devices by creating security profiles. For example configure a VPN for every employee. You can also enforce password policies, install certificates, restrict devices and much more. And in case of lost or theft, you can completely block or wipe devices, so that your data remains secure.

Xinca Management System

All the above feature are implemented in Xinca management system and work together seamlessly, this means that you’ll have an overview of all your devices, apps and users in one place and you’re able to combine the three into a single device.

IT Department

If you do have an IT department, then they will love Xinca as it is a very powerful management system for them. IT departments are responsible for securing and keeping track of devices. With Xinca they can set up policies to make sure devices are secure. It is important that IT has all the right tools for managing Apple devices.

Xinca App

Our Xinca app for iPad / iPhone is designed for quick and easy use. With our app you are able to quickly manage the devices in your company. Simply launch the app and get going! 

Easy & powerful

Xinca MDM is really easy to use, you will have no issues setting it up yourself. Setting up Xinca yourself is really satisfying as you will be able to see the magic yourself. But… If you need help, there are always resellers that would love to help you out.

Apple Business Manager

With this feature you’re able to integrate the features and combine them with the possibility to synchronize users and multiple environments. Xinca Control is available as iOS app (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) or use the web version of Xinca Control. Read more…

Device Enrollment Program

With DEP (Device Enrollment program) you’re able to enroll devices into our management system without ever having to touch the devices. You can apply a management profile to the device and once the user goes through the setup assistant the management profile will be installed and you’re able to manage it in Xinca.

Volume Purchase Program

With VPP (Volume purchase program) you’re able to silently push apps to the user’s devices, even when the user is currently using the iPad. This way there’s no downtime where the user has to manually install App or iBooks (Documents). Start using Volume Purchase Program in a few simple steps.