Xinca Control

Xinca Control is designed for quick and easy use. You, the manager or owner of your company, are able to quickly manage the tablets in your company. Just launch the app and send the commands to your devices.

Xinca Control has a lot more features and new features will be added in the future. Yet it won’t lose it’s ease of use interface. The most important features of Xinca Control:

  • Applock
  • Weblock
  • Restrictions
  • Device information
  • Check if the devices are connected
  • App distribution
  • Clear passcode
  • Check battery levels
  • See the location of your devices
  • Send push notification (with chat integration)

Xinca Control is available as iOS app (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). You can also use the web version of Xinca Control! Download or launch the web app now:

Xinca Control

Xinca Control features



You can lock employees in a specific app using the Applock. During an Applock it is not possible to receive messages (notifications).

You can also change settings for the employee. For example: disable touch function or stop the device from going into sleep mode. You can let the system automatically clear the restrictions after a few minutes or hours.



Using the Weblock, you can force employees to work with the Safari web browser and visit whitelisted websites that you define. This means that the employee can only visit websites you have allowed them to visit.

This can be useful, for example, if you want to take a survey via a tablet and you don’t want a customer or employee to visit other sites or launch other apps.



Using the Restrictions feature, you can restrict the use of certain functionality of the device.

For example: if you want to disable the camera for some time, you can simply click on the camera to disable it and apply it to your tablets. You can restrict a tablet individually, a few tablets, or even the entire company.

device information

Device Information

If you select an employee, you can see all kinds of device info. For example, you can see the battery level of the device. You can also see which restrictions are currently active and if iCloud backup is enabled. You can also see the device’s location (even GPS location is possible).

You can also clear the passcode of an employees’ device. For example: in case an employee changes the passcode and then forgets the passcode.


App Distribution

Distribute apps via Xinca Control is easy! Just type the name of the app, press ‘search’ and tap the app you would like the employee(s) to install. This is a real time saver!

Just imagine you would like the entire company to use an app you found, instead of the employees to search individually you can push the app to the entire company.



When you click on an employee you are able to invite him to airplay to the television in the conference room.

This feature is very useful if an employee made a presentation and wants to show it to the rest of the staff.

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