Xinca Management System

Xinca has a powerful management system for the IT department. With the management system they can set policies and keep track of activities and incidents. It is important that IT has all the right tools for managing their corporate devices.

  • Dashboard Overview
  • Device Administration
  • Users & Groups
  • Incident System
  • Profile Management
  • Volume Purchase Program
  • Device Enrollment Program
  • App Distribution
  • Document Distribution
  • Branding (use your company name and logo)

A good overview of all the features that Xinca provides for IT departments is shown in the screenshots below.


Xinca Management System (XMS) features

Device Details

Device Details

You can see a lot of information about the devices and you can manage each and every device. XMS has the same functionality as the Xinca Master app along with additional tools, info and restrictions.

You can also clear the passcode for a device using Device Details. This can be useful if an employee changes the passcode and then forgets it.

But, that is not all, you also have to the power to lock a device or even wipe the device, for example if you need to ensure the privacy of an employee or your company data is at risk. For example when a device has been stolen.

Device Details
This displays the basic device details such as the approximate location of the device, battery level, storage and memory information, owner’s name, device policies and the iCloud backup status (enabled or not).

Owner History
Quickly see who used the device in the past.

It displays a quick overview of all the profiles that are installed on the device.

Under this section, you can see which apps are installed on the device.

See the documents that have been distributed to the device.

Xinca Control
Here you can see the restrictions that are currently active on the device and who enforced it. You can also view the log file for historical data.

Activity Log
Here you will be given a clear insight on profile distribution, invitations, app distribution, etc.

Incident Registration


The Incident system in Xinca is a powerful tool that enables IT administrators to check and keep track of (possible) problems with iPads.

Here you can register a damaged iPad and check if the device is still eligible for warranty. You can also add attachments like photographs or documents which can serve as proof.

The incident system provides a timeline where you can easily monitor progress or see the status of the incident.

Incident Details
In this section you can see general information about the device. For example: you can see it’s status and if the device is still eligible for warranty.

You can also add attachments to the incident, for example a picture as proof of the damage.

The Timeline gives you a quick overview of the incident. When was the incident reported, what happened in the meantime, or what was de lead time of the whole incident.



Xinca is a complete Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for small and medium scale companies. You can use Xinca to manage the devices of your employees as well as managers or other personnel who uses a mobile device within the company.

Configure Wi-Fi settings via a profile.

Enforce a passcode policy via a profile.

Automatically distribute webclips via a profile, for example a link to the companies website.

Configure restrictions for managers, employees and other staff. Disable the use of the camera via a profile for example.

Mail & Calendar
Automatically configure the mail and calendar for employees via a profile.

And there is many more you can configure: Contacts, AirPrint, Domains, Web Content Filter, Global HTTP Proxy, Software Upgrade (OS X), Dock, etc…

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