Prepare a bundle

Use Xinca to easily prepare bundle profiles, which include apps and websites to be made available to employees during meetings or events.These powerful bundles can be used to limit employee distractions by making only certain apps and websites available for a set amount of time if needed.

Xinca gives a flexible solution to managers without the need to continuously request changes to the XMS administrator. More effective management. Better working. Less distraction.


The Xinca app gives employees restricted control over their own devices. Such as the ability to perform system updates, report their other devices as missing, and much more. The self-service also keeps things flexible, allowing IT admins to choose which apps or documents should be available to users, meaning that users can get apps as they need them.

Send a message

Can’t make use of chat applications? No problem, with the Xinca app managers have the ability to send messages to employees, and can turn the employee’s ability to reply on and off as needed.

Whitelisted apps

Only Whitelisted apps will be available on employee iPads. All other apps and associated notifications will be temporarily hidden from view.


The Restrictions feature can prevent the access and use of designated device functionality.

Device information

Information can be made available for any selected employee device upon request. For example, the battery percentage for a device can be easily determined.

Remote wipe

Has a device been given a new owner? Clear all the data on the device through Remote Wipe.

Lost Mode

With Lost Mode, you’re able to track lost devices and see their current location on a map.

Much more...

Xinca has many other great features and more are to come… Get a fully functional free trial today and take your managing to a new level!